Tell me about delivery?

Find out more here.


Is your delivery eco friendly?

We try as much as possible to make our delivery eco friendly. We work with companies that utilise carbon offsetting as much as possible. Our mailer packaging is also a 100% recyclable paper based material.


Can I buy wholesale?

Of course! Let us know what you would like and we will assist you in any way we can! Use the button below.


do we offer subscription services?

We prefer to sell larger multipacks in one go, to prevent the need for unnecessary repackaging and re-shipping. Speak to us about custom orders.


are your bristles recyclable?

We use BPA free nylon 6. This has the advantage of not absorbing moisture - making these extremely hygienic. Some facilities are able to recycle this.

The only 'natural' bristle material available is pig hair, which isn't suitable for vegetarians/vegans, and retains a lot of bacteria.

We are working with research teams to invent a recyclable alternative - watch this space!


Where are our products born?

All our designs and formulation requests originate from Bristol, UK. The pharmaceutical products are manufactured wholly in England, some of our non pharmaceuticals are manufactured in Asia. Products get tested then packaged at our facility in Bristol, UK.


are you available in stores?

We are working on partnering with more stores who are compatible with our values. Know a store that should be stocking us? Let them know!


I want to get in touch!

Click the button above for contact information! Reach us by email, or any of our social media outlets.