Black Friday is here... five days of great discounts!

Here at Brush Fresh, we love Black Friday!

This is our first Black Friday trading, and we're offering two great discounts for all of of customers, new and current!

If you're a new customer and you're looking to try out our products for the first time, or perhaps you've always wanted to try using toothpaste tablets (and helping the environment at the same time), then use code FREEBRUSH at checkout and get a free bamboo toothbrush with every order, saving £2.49!

For everyone looking to make a larger purchase (including our wholesale deals), we're offering a massive 30% discount as well as FREE UK DELIVERY on every order over £20! Simply use code BLACKFRIDAY at checkout!

We're committed to changing dental products by reducing waste and offering the highest quality natural, vegan ingredients at the same time. We only use recycled cardboard for all of our packaging, and our toothbrushes are completely compostable, simply remove the bristles and it can be disposed of with your green waste.

To find out more about how Brush Fresh are changing the way we look at dental products to create a more sustainable and eco-friendly future, then check out our About page.

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